One-on-One Newborn Photography or Maternity Photography Mentor Sessions

An Inspirational Newborn Photography Experience!

Newborn Baby Photographer Brisbane; Baby Photos; Baby Pictures; Newborn Photos; Baby Shower

Little Fingerprints Photography offers 1:1 Newborn Mentor Sessions in their Natural Light Studio in Milton, Brisbane.

Rather than group workshops, Little Fingerprints have opted for a much more intimate learning environment, where each photographer is able to gain invaluable hands-on experience, in a real Newborn Custom Art Session!

Perhaps you would like to know more about camera settings, exposure and white balance? Or perhaps you have experience as a photographer but are just venturing out in  the specialised field of newborns and hence would like  more direction and practice in posing and settling techniques?

1:1 Sessions mean we are able to customise your learning experience and there is
* more time for questions,
* more time for practice and
* more value for money for you! 

What's Included?

Newborn Baby Photographer Brisbane; Baby Photos; Baby Pictures; Newborn Photos; Baby Shower

General topics we WILL cover in our newborn photography mentor sessions are:

* Working with parents and how to best prepare them for their newborn or maternity custom art session

* Camera equipment 

* Camera settings; white balance; 

* Setting up the studio for a newborn/maternity session and the use of natural light

* How to settle and calm newborn babies and how to keep them happy and sleepy!

* How to master the different newborn poses including the Taco Pose, Tushie Up, Head on Hands and Froggie Pose

*How to pose your mummy-to-be in the most flattering poses

* Workflow  and transitioning through poses

* Posing with parents and siblings

* Props - where to get them, how to use them to ensure baby safety

* Working with ‘older’ newborns {older than 10days}

* Some minimal post-processing tips 

Prior to your session, we will discuss with you specifically what YOU would like to obtain from the session and then customise any other topics specifically for you! 

What you need!

Newborn Baby Photographer Brisbane; Baby Photos; Baby Pictures; Newborn Photos; Baby Shower

* You must own a DSLR and KNOW your camera. It is assumed that you are comfortable shooting in manual mode and have a basic understanding of aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings. Kerryn uses a Canon and has limited experience with Nikon,  so if you are a Nikon owner please definitely know your camera!! * A 50mm or 35mm prime lens with f/1.2 or f/1.4 ; is suggested for the session as this is what Kerryn primarily uses with newborns. * A macro lens (optional) * Basic knowledge of Photoshop CS5 (this is not an intro to Photoshop)

Newborn Baby Photographer Brisbane; Baby Photos; Baby Pictures; Newborn Photos; Baby Shower

Some kind words from Michelle @ Avonlea Photography

"I am so pleased to have had a mentoring session with Kerryn! I absolutely loved that it was a hands on one-on-one mentoring session and that it was customised to cover topics I specifically needed. Kerryn is a warm and welcoming person and amazed me with her knowledge of newborns and how to read them! I came away from the mentoring session inspired, enlightened and a more confident photographer. Thank you Kerryn!"


2019/20 Tuition : $500+gst per person

Registration: $100+gst  is due to reserve your spot and is NON-REFUNDABLE. Balance is due once your session is scheduled.

Schedule: As sessions are scheduled around REAL newborn custom art sessions, you are able to choose from multiple dates!
You will be advised of the baby’s EDD and need to be available approximately 2weeks prior and 3weeks proceeding this EDD. Once  the baby arrives, we will be in contact to discuss the session date and time, as agreed with the parents and confirm your mentor session details. 

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