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Q. Do you have a dedicated studio?

A. We have a beautiful studio, in Paddington, Brisbane just off Latrobe Terrace (Opposite the Paddington Tavern), where all of our Newborn, Maternity, Baby/Child/Family Sessions are held. 

Our Lifestyle Sessions of Birth and Fresh 48 are obviously not held in the studio but rather at your place of birth (hospital or home).

Having a dedicated studio allows us to set-up prior to your session, making the most of our time in the studio. It also allows clients a wider variety of props and set-ups, as clients are always able to choose from our selection of in-studio 

Q. What experience do you have in Newborn Photography?

A. Kerryn has been a professional newborn photographer since 2010 and has captured precious newborn memories for over 1500 clients! Kerryn is also the Founder and Director of The Academy of Newborn Photography® {ANP®}



Q. Do you have insurance?

A. All professional photographers should have Public Liability Insurance to protect you and your family if something unthinkable were to happen during your session. Hospitals and Birth Centre's insist on photographers having Public Liability Insurance for Birth Sessions and ask us to sign an additional Agreement and Waiver.
Rest assured, we have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Q. You’re not the cheapest photographer around, what makes your work worth the investment?

A. Photographs of your loved ones are a lifelong investment… These moments in time disappear all too quickly, and beautifully captured images freeze these precious moments, allowing you to look back and remember every little detail in years to come.
The QUALITY of these images are extremely important. Like most things, you get what you pay for! High quality work is worth the investment. 

We have photographed over 1000 newborn babies and had extensive training and experience in newborn photography. We teach other photographers starting out in the industry about the art and safety components of newborn photography. 

New photographers who have very little experience with newborns or photography in general will offer cheaper prices, so that they are able to get more clients and gain more experience.

Compare the images of different photographers, and decide for yourself. 

  • Who’s style is more ‘you’? 
  • Which images are posed and styled better? 
  • Which images are edited to a higher standard

We aim to capture timeless images and edited to the highest standard possible so in 20 years time you are still going to love your images.

Q. Do you offer a professional range of products?

A. We offer fine art prints, wall mounts, canvas, acrylic storyboards, mini albums and USB's in gorgeous wooden gift boxes. 

All our products are printed through professional print labs, to ensure the highest quality products to display your art.

Q. Do you have a good reputation and quality testimonials?

A. We believe referrals and testimonials are the best way to gauge the professionalism and quality of work from any potential photographer. We pride ourselves on having a large number of repeat clients and that approximately 70% of our business is through referral! We have clients from Brisbane Sunshine Coast Gold Coast

Birth and Newborn Baby Portraiture are not ordinary portrait sessions.

In both instances you are often trusting a complete stranger to hold, nurse, feed (bottle), pose, wrap, dress and finally, photograph, your less than 10 day old baby!

In addition, the Newborn Photography industry is currently unregulated. This means that there is NO SPECIFIC QUALIFICATION that a photographer MUST obtain before they can start offering the service.

Just because a photographer is a mother (or father) and they can use a camera, does not ensure they are qualified to be a newborn photographer. You wouldn't ask someone to be your Chief Financial Officer for your business, because they are good at managing the family budget. Nor would you leave your child in the care of an unregistered day-care provider, just because they have a child of their own.

Hence, in such an oversaturated and unregulated market, parents should spend a lot of time researching the right Newborn Photographer, to ensure they have the necessary skills and experience in handling newborn babies.

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Newborn Baby Photographer Brisbane; Baby Photos; Baby Pictures; Newborn Photos; Baby Shower

Q. How far ahead should I book for a newborn session?

A. Popular professional photographers often book out months in advance. For this reason, we suggest that you book your maternity photography, birth photography, fresh 48 and newborn photography at the beginning of your second trimester. 

Due to the uncertain nature of delivery times, we only accept a limited number of these sessions per month to ensure each client gets our full care and attention.

Q. Will the Hospital allow you to photograph my birth?

A. Most hospitals are happy to allow a birth photographer in, however it is best you check with your chosen hospital and obstetrician or midwife and include in your birth 'wish' (plan).

We will contact your hospital prior to your birth.

There are times when a birth photographer will not be allowed to photograph -  at times when intervention by staff is required and in some cases, c-section deliveries at public hospitals.

Q. How long does it take to get our products and images?

A. You will receive a sneak peek of 1-2 images from your session within 24hours of your photography shoot. 

The full gallery of images from Newborn, Maternity, Baby/Child/Family and Fresh 48 Sessions will be uploaded into a private online ordering gallery within 2weeks after your session for you to view and purchase any additional products.  Orders are generally able to be collected from the studio within 10days after the order has been received.

Q. Do we get all the raw, unedited files from the day?

A. No, these files are not available for viewing or purchase. The images selected for editing and final delivery reflect our high standards and everything else is not archived in the studio.

"Kerryn took amazing baby photos of my son Ballyn. Being a first time mum she made me feel really comfortable with the whole process. My son slept through the whole shoot and she ended up producing the most amazing photos I could ever ask for!!

Highly recommend her for any newborn photography!" Kasey Dixon

Newborn Baby Photographer Brisbane; Baby Photos; Baby Pictures; Newborn Photos; Baby Shower

Newborn Baby Photographer Brisbane; Baby Photos; Baby Pictures; Newborn Photos; Baby Shower