The Team


Kerryn O'Brien

With both her grandfather and mother as artists, Kerryn's passion for "all things artistic", began a long time ago. As a child she was treated to lessons in sign-writing, drawing, painting and commercial artistry. Unfortunately, she also discovered a long time ago, that she had very little natural ability in any of these specific fields! What Kerryn's family did teach her however, was a keen eye for detail and an appreciation of colour and light - two key elements of photography! 

Newborn Baby Photography Brisbane

After the birth of her fraternal twins Liam and Addison, in 2010, Kerryn left her corporate role in Training & Development, to pursue her passion for photography, specifically Newborn and Baby Photography!

At the time, there were only a handful of photographers who specialised in Newborn and Baby Photography and after extensive training in the art of Newborn posing and baby safety, Kerryn established Little Fingerprints Photography! 

Newborn Baby Maternity Photographer Brisbane

Kerryn's style is natural yet creative! There is often plenty of colour, which looks fantastic when displayed in beautiful frames on your walls! 

She spends a lot of time focusing in on the detail...the right emotion, the right pose, the right light, the right ensure every image is perfect! 

Kerryn is extremely passionate about Newborn Care and Safety and in 2018 Founded The Academy of Newborn Photography® (ANP®) which with the help of an Advisory Committee of Medical Professionals, Legal Professionals and Workplace Health & Safety Professionals, delivers courses and workshops to Newborn Photographers around the World on Neonatal Health & Safety.


Cassandra Saab

Originally from North Queensland, Cassandra completed her photography studies through school however always used these skills for more of a hobby rather than a career. Cassandra has spent the last 15 years of her career split between Banking and Real Estate, with her husband Dion. Whilst enjoying these types of roles, it was never a passion of hers and it wasn’t until the birth of her first daughter Mia, 4years ago, that she really discovered her passion lies in Photography, specifically Newborn, Babies and Family.

Newborn Baby Family Photographer Brisbane

After meeting Kerryn original during her daughters Newborn Session, Cassandra was captivated at how Kerryn captured her precious baby is such a beautiful way that she knew then she wanted to pursue a career in Newborn Photography. Cassandra began researching and learning setups and techniques through online learning. Following this she completed many hands on training sessions with Kerryn and moved on to create her own business in 2015. 

Newborn Baby Family Photography Brisbane

Cassandra’s passion lies in Birth Photography and Fresh 48 sessions. She loves those first moments inside the newborn bubble of love and enjoys being able to capture that raw emotion for people to relive forever. Having being trained by Kerryn, she produces a similar Newborn style using natural light and splashes of colour without taking the focus from the baby. Those tiny fingers and quick smiles are the little details she loves to perfect.


Lisa Mager

Lisa has had a passion for photography for as long as she can remember. Throughout her journey, she has experimented with various different genre's including landscapes/scenery but found that Newborn/Baby photography is her forte.

Lisa bought her first DSLR camera back in 2009 (the same year she married her very supportive husband Simon!) and spent the next 2 years experimenting with different exposures and settings until she found her feet.


Newborn Baby Family Photographer Brisbane

In 2011 she completed her Diploma of Photography and managed to be fortunate enough to receive a one-on-one mentoring session for her 30th Birthday, with Kerryn! 

Being married to Simon for almost a decade, Lisa has been blessed with quite the little crew. Linkin, Macklen and Milla have all had their fair share of modelling to help perfect her skills!

Newborn Baby Family Photographer Brisbane

Lisa has definitely found her niche with  babies and children and loves sharing in this very special time! Her relaxed nature settles and comforts newborns, allowing her to capture amazing memories that will stay with you forever.


Highly recommend! Made the whole experience so relaxed and enjoyable. My baby really fed of the relaxed vibes at the studio and everything is gorgeous from props to outfits etc  thank you again for these special memories xx

Alex Mitchell